Jeep Compass and Patriot

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Two inexpensive crossovers

Date Posted: July 4, 2016
By Zack Spencer

The Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot share the same platform and many components. These small Jeep SUVs, or crossovers, offer seating for 5-passengers and still offer Jeep's all wheel drive (AWD) technology. These are also value products, costing little to buy and they are good one fuel.

The Jeep Compass and Patriot vehicles were the compact crossovers in the Jeep family before the Cherokee arrived. These are value vehicles, offering a solid amount of room, functional design at an amazing starting price. The Compass and sister vehicle, the Jeep Patriot, runs on the same platform. The Compass has its looks derived from the Grand Cherokee; the Patriot takes after the Wrangler side of the family.


Both vehicles are offered with two engine offerings and three transmissions. Where almost all other manufacturers are running away from manual transmission, these tow Jeeps are still offered with one. It is a 5-speed manual unit and the other transmissions are a CVT or conventional 6-speed unit. Both the Compass and patriot start with a 2.0L 4-cylinder with 158hp. There is an optional 2.4L engine with 172hp. The base models come with the 2.0L engine and FWD. If the buyer wants 4X4 capability the larger 2.4L engine is required and there are two systems to get the power to all four wheels. The first is called Freedom Drive and it will shift power to the rear wheels when slippage is detected. The Freedom Drive II system has a low speed crawl feature that is only equipped with the CVT and this Jeep is Trail Rated.


One of the reasons for choosing the FWD and the smaller 2.0L is improved fuel economy. The FWD manual transmission is the most efficient and rated at 10.3L/100km (27MPG) in the city and 7.8L (36 MPG) on the highway.


Both Jeep’s have a surprising amount of space; back set space is particularly good. The base models are value driven so Bluetooth isn’t standard but most version get this feature. (In the US all models come with standard Bluetooth) and there is an available 6.5-inch uConnect screen and an optional backup camera. The dash is simple but well designed for optimal space and storage areas.




Standard Safety is covered with front; side and curtain airbags there is also standard traction and stability control. No models can be equipped with advanced safety systems like pre-collision detection and lane departure technology.


The Jeep compass and Patriot start at an amazing $16,000 ($18,000) for the Patriot and $17,000 (US $20,000) for the Compass. Granted these are basic FWD model with manual transmissions. Both Jeeps can run over $30,000 when equipped with 4X4 and the larger Engine.



Both the Compass and Patriot helped lead the compact crossover surge in North America and they are value leaders.


These two Jeeps have been in the market for a long time and are now joined by the larger Cherokee and smaller Renegade. These are more refined and offer the latest in-cabin technology. The future of these tow Jeeps might come into question but as it stands they can deliver inexpensive and rugged looking transportation.



These are value vehicles, offering a solid amount of room, functional design
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