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» 2012 Prius C
 2012 Prius C
More Photos:   2012 Toyota Prius C  2012 Toyota Prius C  2012 Toyota Prius C  2012 Toyota Prius C  2012 Toyota Prius C  2012 Toyota Prius C  2012 Toyota Prius C  2012 Toyota Prius C  2012 Toyota Prius C

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2012 Prius C

By Zack Spencer     June 6, 2012

The Scoop

On a recent fill-up, the price for gasoline was almost a $1.50 a litre. With every run-up in fuel costs, the interest in more efficient vehicles follows suit. Today there are more options for people looking to get fill-up relief whether it's looking at smaller, more efficient car, electric cars or hybrids. Electric cars have not hit the mainstream --with limited numbers being purchased buy the public. Subcompacts have always had a place and now buyers can drive a subcompact that is also a Toyota hybrid. Toyota is the undisputed leader in hybrid sales, with new models coming every year. The Prius, in light of new competition, remains the undisputed king of hybrid sales. The Prius name is synonymous with hybrid technology and so recognizable that Toyota has built a ''family'' of vehicles under the Prius banner. There is the regular model, a larger version called V for ''versatility'', and this smaller Prius, called C, for ''city''.

The Skin

Of the three vehicles sold under the Prius name, this C is the one that looks most like a ''regular'' car. In fact, it could be mistaken for any number of subcompacts on the road. Some hybrid buyers do like to be noticed for doing their part for the environment while others are happy to drive a car that is efficient and doesn't draw attention. The aqua colour on this test unit is a tip of the hat to going green. To be honest, after driving for two hours in the rain the car still looked clean, so aqua is okay in my books. One of the reasons for introducing a smaller Prius is to make a hybrid more attainable and to improve the driving dynamics, basically making the Prius more fun to drive. With a starting price of $20,950, this is the least expensive hybrid on the market but with options the price can creep up to the mid $20,000 mark.

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Island Don
1:33 AM on May 30, 2014
I am really interested in the Prius C, but the gas mileage of the Mitsu Mirage is not far behind. I plan to own the 2015 of one of these and plan to own for 250,000kms. Will the gas savings of the Prius C 2 off set the fully maxed Mirage? Does the quality of the Toyota come into play that much after 160kms to warrant the higher price? Which would you buy expecting to drive 8 8yrs and 250k???

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7:29 PM on February 14, 2013

I have 2012 Camry Hybrid as a taxi. Today while driving, the engine stopped running all of a sudden and check engine light came on. There was a message on the screen saying 'Check Hybrid System'. I get the car towed at the dealership and they said it is EGR Valve that needs to be replaced. I doubt it as there is only 99600 kms on my car and if the message says check hybrid system how can it be EGR Valve.

Please advise me on this.

Thank You

Motormouth.ca says:
3:47 PM on February 16, 2013
If that is what the system says then that is probably what the problem is! The car is under warranty to 160,000km so i wouldn't worry too much about it.

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gordon Skoog
12:47 PM on October 14, 2012
What do you think about the new Smart Electric car coming next spring? Would it be a good runabout for around Vancouver for doing short everyday errands. I am retired have a 2010 Grand Caravan wheelchair ramp equipted for my wife, find myself running around town and it is terrible on gas and large to park in some spots, so I think a Smart Electric would be good. We also have a MB sprinter RV and it could tow the Smart Car on trips.

Sincerely Gordon Skoog

Motormouth.ca says:
2:47 PM on October 14, 2012
I'm no fan of the Smart to start with, it handles poorly and has a jerky ride. Maybe a Toyota Prius C is a better alternative. Read this article^^

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