2016 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

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A great car with just a few tweaks

Date Posted: July 25, 2016
By Zack Spencer

For 2016 Ford has included the much better Sync 3 infotainment screen with much better results.

What can be said about the Mustang that hasn’t been said before? This iconic Pony car has a history spanning over fifty years with some high and low points along the way; currently Ford is enjoying a high point with this latest version.

Introduced two years ago as a 2015 model, the latest Mustang is the best one yet, offering a much more modern and sophisticated ride with a variety of engines and dazzling colours. As a test car, the 5.0L V8 is a blast to drive and really feels like driving a pure muscle car but without all the hard work that used to come along with it. The reality is that buying the V8 might not be the best choice for someone looking to save a few bucks at the pumps, this thing loves gas.


Whenever a brand tries to recreate a car that is so iconic, often the designers can get stuck in the past. With this latest Mustang, it has many styling cues of the older cars but is a thoroughly modern vehicle and if the older models hadn’t existed it would still be a stunning car on its own right. The long hood, the short rear deck, muscular wheels pushed out to the corners and an aggressive grille and headlamps are all signs of a sporty design. Ford has made one change for 2016 and that is the inclusion of signal indicators on the front hood scoops. These are copied from another era and a functional feature once the driver starts to rely on them.


For 2016 Ford has made one massive change to the interior, the inclusion of its Sync 3 system, which is a enormous step forward in terms of usability and speed. The previous versions of Ford’s Sync infotainment system were cutting edge when they were introduced but were a clumsy attempt and set Ford way back in terms of buyer satisfaction. The new centre screen is easy to use, the graphics are large and stress-free to read and the speed of the system is first rate. Thank you!

There are a few criticisms of the interior. First, the front seat backs are adjusted using a lever on the side of the seat; there is no power option or rotary dial. The location of the lever is also at a strange angle. This might seem like a small issue but the reality is the driver has to choose between preset cogs and sometimes the seat back is too close or far away. With an electric seat adjustment the back can be tweaked ever so slightly for the perfect level of comfort. The second item is the power cloth roof. There is a large latch in the centre of the headliner, which the driver twists to unlock before the roof can be lowered. The same idea, it seems like a small thing but in 2016, fully operational power roofs are common and this extra manual step by the driver is unnecessary if Ford were to invest in a fully automatic roof.



The good news is the 5.0L V8 engine is still a work of art and delivers a whopping 435hp and 400lb.-ft. of torque. The beauty of what the engineers at Ford have accomplished is a car that can be a pussycat when driven casually around the city. With the smooth 6-speed manual, driving is effortless thanks to gobs of low-end torque and good gearing; the Mustang can be easily an everyday commuter. When the driver wants to be more engaged there are special drive modes that make the throttle more responsive and tighten the steering feel. Punch the throttle, wake the beast and the fun begins…. to a point. Even though Ford has moved to independent rear suspension the only criticism of the GT is the too-smooth ride. This doesn’t feel like the sporty version of the Mustang, more of a cruiser. To get around this the buyer would need to choose the Performance Package for $3700 to get firmer springs and unique chassis tuning.


With a starting price of $44,569, this isn’t an inexpensive model, far from it. The V8 really is a premium over the less powerful models. For example, the base 3.7L V6 starts at $29,627 and the turbocharged 4-cylinder EcoBoost model starts at $37,054.

If the buyer has the money and is willing to put up with almost 20L/100km in real world city fuel economy, then it sure does provide a lot of fun. The good news is this engine runs on regular gas, none of that fancy premium stuff.

Overall the sound, the look and the feel are all very satisfying and I always enjoy my time with any Mustang. Let’s hope next year they can tweak it a bit more.

The Lowdown

Power: 5.0L V8 with 435hp

Economy: 13.8/100km city and 10.2L/100km HWY 

Sticker price: $44,569




The good news is this engine runs on regular gas, none of that fancy premium stuff.
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