Nissan Rogue

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A lot for your money

Date Posted: July 4, 2016
By Zack Spencer

The Nissan Rogue has become big seller thanks to an efficient 4-cylinder engine, yet this utility or crossover is actually one of the larger in its class. The Rogue has seating for 5 or 7-passengers when equipped with the optional this row of seats. The cabin is upscale compared to many competitors, plus the pricing is very attractive.

The latest generation of the Nissan Rogue burst onto the scene and has enjoyed a big upswing in sales due to a few factors.

The first is this vehicle is larger than many of its competitors and it is one of only two compact SUVs to offer three rows of seats and seating for up to 7-passengers. The seats in the rear are best used for children and for short trips but the fact they can be ordered as an option makes this an interesting choice. The third row of seats can only be ordered on one trim level.

Seconds, the Rogue has a more upscale interior than many of its competitors and it doesn’t brake the bank. The starting price is roughly $25,000 and runs up to $35,000. ($23,000 and runs up to $29,000)

The Rogue comes with some surprising features that are usually not found in this class of vehicle. They include available LED headlights, an optional around view camera system for parking and Nissans safety shield technology that includes BLIS, lane departure warning, forward collision warning and moving object detection on top of standard front, side and curtain airbags and standard stability and traction control.

The Rogues is only available with one engine and transmission available. It is a 2.5L 4-cylinder with 170hp and 175lb-ft of torque. The power goes through a CVT or CVT and is put to the road through the front wheels or an optional AWD system. Fuel economy is rated at an impressive 9.1L/100km in the city and just 7.1L on the highway. (US 23mpg city and 28 on the highway)

The ride is comfortable and smooth thanks to the CVT and the passengers get to enjoy the above average interior refinement, making this a crossover that all passengers will enjoy.


The Nissan Rogue is one of only two compact crossovers to offer three rows of seats; it is very efficient and has a more upscale interior than many of its competitors.

Power goes through a CVT that can take time to adjust to and the optional third row of seats is rather tight, this will not replace t mid-size SUV for space in the rear. If the buyer keeps this in mind, the Rogue has become a favourite with many families because it offers lot without having to break the bank.



The Nissan Rogue is one of only two compact crossovers to offer three rows of seats
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