Nissan Juke

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When different is better

Date Posted: June 11, 2016
By Zack Spencer

The Nissan Juke is a funky take on a compact, almost subcompact crossover or SUV. The Juke can be a lot of fun to drive thanks to a powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and some high performance Nismo Juke versions. With seating for 5-passengers, this small car or SUV is a bold vehicle for those that want something different.

The Nissan Juke turned heads when it first arrived on the screen. There was nothing else like it on the road, the styling was cutting edge, and the design futuristic, plus the whole idea of a subcompact utility vehicle was all-new. Now the Juke has turned into a common sight on our roads but it still stands for something unique. The Juke has a powerful engine and is also available with a higher horsepower version called Nismo RS, which represents serious competition to Mini.


Nissan equips even the base Juke with a potent 188hp direct inject and turbocharged engine. This lively power plant makes this sport utility a riot to drive. This engine can be matched to a 6-speed manual, CVT and FWD or AWD. The manual is only offered on the FWD models. In addition, the Juke has optional torque vectoring technology on AWD models, plus AWD models come with a more sophisticated independent rear suspension. It’s obvious that Nissan takes this utility seriously because it is also available with a sports tuned suspension in the Nismo model and even more aggressive package in the Nismo RS that includes a 215hp engine. Serious stuff.

The base FWD Juke is rated at 8.5L/100km (28 MPG) in the city and 6.9L/100km (32 MPG) on the HWY. This represents solid fuel economy from a power vehicle.


The interior of the Juke is just as edgy as the outside with a centre console that is meant to look like a sport motorcycle gas tank. It has a sporty feel that is amped up with the Nismo versions thanks to heavily bolstered Recaro sports seats. Push button start is standard on all models; there is a standard 5-inch screen in the centre of the dash with an optional 5.8-inch unit. This doubles as a backup camera, plus this Nissan has an optional around view camera system to see all sides of the car. The interior can be covered with cloth seats, leather or faux suede. Overall, the back seat is rather tight and the cargo rear is too. This might be the best option for a single person that wants to make a statement.





Safety comes from standard front, side and curtain airbags and standard stability and traction control. The Juke does not offer advanced safety features like lane departure warning and forward collision warning with auto braking.


The Nissan Juke is competitive with a starting price of roughly $21,000 (US $20,000) but the higher top horsepower version like the Nismo RS represent good value, starting at $28,000



The Nissan Juke is a statement car and the higher horsepower models really stand out, plus they offer good vale. The Juke is fun and eye catching but still practical for a single person or couple.


The styling might not be for everyone and the CVT might not be for everyone and the Nismo is best suited for the manual. This is a value in this smaller utility space, something different and different.



The Juke is fun and eye catching but still practical for a single person or couple
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