Kia Soul

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One of the best compact crossovers

Date Posted: June 11, 2016
By Zack Spencer

The Kia SOUL is a compact crossover vehicle that competes with compact cars and compact SUVs. This SOUL offers a lot for the money including two engine choices and two transmissions. and it might be an alternative to a more expensive compact crossover vehicles or compact utility vehicles. With seating for 5 -passengers and a handy hatchback design, this Kia Soul has a strong following.

While the Kia Soul doesn’t exactly fit the crossover name, it sells incredibly well and appeals to buyers who are considering a crossover. The Soul is more like a tall hatchback and not a true crossover because it isn’t offered with AWD but might one day soon. The same features that appeal to crossover buyers are here; the tall shape, the abundance of glass, a higher seating position and big doors and cargo area. The Soul was designed for the millennial generation but has proven to be a hit with all ages due to the price and practical design.

The Soul is sold with two 4-cylinder engines and both feature advanced direct injection technology. The base engine is a 1.6L unit with 130hp. This model can be matched to either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Power goes to the front wheels only on all Soul models, no AWD is available. The larger 2.0L 4-cylinder puts out 164hp and is only available with the automatic.

The lack of AWD and the GDI technology comes together to produce good fuel economy numbers. It is rated at 7.8L/100km (24MPG) City and 9.8L/100km (30MPG) HWY with the base 4-cylinder engine.

Kia has long been seen as a cut rate value brand but the Kia Soul proves that this is a brand on the rise with an interior that rivals, if not exceeds the refinement found in vehicles costing much more, The dash is very well designed and comes with a 4.3-inch display audio or an advanced 8-inch screen. The rear seat is a good size and the cargo area is very functional but the Soul isn’t offered with a power rear lift gate. One of the reasons this product appeals to some older buyers is the large doors and easy access to the high-mounted front seats.

Standard Safety is covered with front, side and curtain airbags along with standard traction and stability control. Advanced safety systems like pre-collision detection and lane departure technology are available but they are an optional and only on the top trim.

Another reason for the success of the Soul is the price range, offering crossover-like styling and functionality but at a much lower price. The Soul starts at roughly $17,000 (US $16,000) for the base 2-door and can climb to $24,000 (US $21,000).


The Soul is a smart choice for buyers who like the idea of a small city crossover but don’t require AWD technology and want to save a few bucks. This compact, tall wagon has an above average interior, it’s fun to drive, it looks cool and best of all has excellent resale value.

The Kia Soul almost stands alone in this space; it sells incredibly well and for good reason.

a smart choice for buyers who like the idea of a small city crossover but don’t require AWD technology
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