Honda CR-V

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One of the best selling compact crossovers

Date Posted: July 4, 2016
By Zack Spencer

One of the best selling compact crossover is the Honda CR-V. Canadians love the CR-V, it is made in Canada and has AWD or all wheel drive capability for Canadian winters. The CR-V is one of the top three selling compact utility vehicles sold in Canada.

The Honda CR-V has been a staple in the compact utility segment and was one of the first into the small SUV category back in the 1990s. The CR-V is a favourite of buyers wanting a practical, well-made and reliable utility with great re-sale value. The CR-V has a practical design and available advance safety systems.

Honda keeps it simple with the CR-V, they only offer it with one 2.4L direct injection 4-cylinder engine with 185hp. The only transmission is a Continuously variable Transmission, also called a CVT. This combination was chosen for optimal fuel economy but the power is adequate, not spirited.

All but the base model are sold with AWD, the base is a FWD setup. The base LX trim starts at roughly $26,000 and can run all the way up to just under $40,000 for the top Touring AWD model.

Fuel economy is rated at a combined city and highway 7.9L/100km (29MPG) with the FWD model(s) or 8.6L (27MPG) for the AWD model.

The CR-V is sold in many variations depending on the buyer’s budget but many of the advanced safety features are only available on the top-touring model. They include forward collision warning, collision mitigation and lane departure warning. The same is true with the power lift gate; it is only on the top model.

Standard Safety is covered with front, side and curtain airbags along with traction and stability control

The interior of the CR-V is an open cabin with plenty of room for all passengers. The rear seats fold easily with a quick release, making the cargo area very useful. The CR-V comes standard with Bluetooth connectivity and can be equipped with an advanced Honda-link connectivity screen with display audio, backup camera and available Navigation. Heated seats are standard on all models and a power driver’s seat is standard on the top three trim levels. (In the US heated seats are standard on the top three trim levels, along with a power driver’s seat.)


The Honda CR-V was an original when it was first introduced and it has proven itself as a reliable, practical, inexpensive utility with a strong track record for resale. It is available with FWD or AWD and a host of interior features depending on the buyer’s budget.

The CR-V can be equipped with very advanced safety features but only on the top model, same for the power lift gate. The interior is functional but might be viewed as a bit plastic. Overall, the CR-V is a proven product in a very competitive compact utility space.



a reliable, practical, inexpensive utility with a strong track record for resale
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