Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain

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Two high quality products

Date Posted: July 4, 2016
By Zack Spencer

The Chevrolet, or Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain are small, almost mid-sized SUVs or crossovers. These two 5-passenger small utility vehicles have plenty of rear seat room and a big cargo area. They have proven to be very reliable and come with two engine choice.

The Chevrolet Equinox is built on the same platform as the sister version, the GMC Terrain. The GMC version has a tougher, more rugged stance and design but underneath they are the same product. What both products excel at is a refined and quiet ride with a lot of rear seat room and cargo capacity. These two General Motors SUVs have proven to be reliable and capable. Both are offered with several engine choices, in FWD and AWD, plus the in-dash technology is right up to date.


The base engine is a large 2.4L engine with good power, rated at 182hp and 172lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is more than adequate for the majority of owners. The larger 3.6L V6 engine is preferred by buyers who tow, due to the 3500lb. towing capacity. This engine has 301hp and 272lb.-ft of torque. Both engines are matched to a 6-speed automatic and the 4-cylinder version provides a fuel rating of 11.5L/100km (20 MPG) in the city and 8.2L (29 MPG) on the highway when equipped with AWD.


What sets the Equinox and Terrain apart from much of the competition is the amount of rear seat room and cargo capacity. The rear seats even slide back and forth allowing even more room in the cargo area. The other area these two stalemates excel is quietness and smoothness. If you like a refined, quiet ride, these two are hard to beat. The dash also has available LTE cell-phone connectivity to run tablets and stream the Internet into the vehicle for all passengers to use. In addition the 7-inch screen has an easy to understand connectivity system that is ahead of many competitors.


Safety comes from standard front, side and curtain airbags and standard stability and traction control. Both offer advanced safety features like Blind spot warning; lane departure warning, forward collision warning but no auto braking and these features are kept for the top models.


The Equinox and Terrain are almost mid-sized SUVs but compete on price with smaller crossovers. FWD models start at roughly $27,000 (US $23,000) and top V6 AWD version can run up to $36,000 (US $32,000) to get the V6 engine adds $1700 (US $1500) more



The Equinox and Terrain have been in the market for many years, which means they are a known entity when it comes to reliability. These large crossovers deliver a wide array of choices, advanced technology, large cabin and quiet ride.


Since both have been out for some time, GM might be looking to replace these two workhorses with a new design or add to the GM by introducing yet another product. Also, these larger vehicles can use more fuel because of their size and larger engines. Overall, the GM twins are perfect for buyers that want a smooth, quiet and large cabin.



they are a known entity when it comes to reliability
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